PLC Controlled Pneumatic and Hydraulic Training Test Bench Equipment
Product description
1. The experimental device uses double-sided structure, is an experimental table provides places for doing pneumatic and hydraulic test experiment for two groups of four students. It can simultaneously do double-sided comprehensive pneumatic and hydraulic experiments, optimizing and sharing resources and improving products’ performance. Its overall structure is simple and practical.
2. The training equipment is iron double matte dense spray pattern, which is durable and practical. The basic configuration is as following: 1 set of pneumatic training components; 1 set of pneumatic PLC control module; 1 piece of low noise air compressor; 1 set of hydraulic training components; 1 set of hydraulic PLC control module; 1 piece of hydraulic test pump. The optional configuration is the computer.
3. This training system uses a dedicated independent hydraulic test pump with variable speed DC motor system with oil pressure setting function. You can set safe working pressure of output oil pressure. With all common hydraulic components: Each hydraulic component is equipped with mounting plate, which can be easily and freely placed in the aluminum alloy hydraulic components on the panel (the panel with “T” slot in the form of aluminum alloy structure). Oil lap using quick-change connectors; convenient disconnect without leakage.
4. With this set of training equipment, you can do pneumatic control and hydraulic control circuit and its corresponding basic application experiments. It can also be integrated with each other to carry out the following experiment: realized pneumatic – electric control, pneumatic – hydraulic control, electric – fluid control, and pneumatic – electric – hydraulic integrated control.

Pneumatic and Training Test Bench Equipment
Product description
1. This device is designed and made based on “ Pneumatic transmission”, “Pneumatic control technology”.
2. It can be used as the comprehensive test-bench of the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic transmission. Students can get more accurate understanding of the structure of pneumatic components, pneumatic control loop theory and design methods through operation.
Portable Pneumatic Test Training Kit Device
Product description
1. This training kit is mainly composed of aluminum alloy casing, all kinds of small standard  industrial pneumatic components, electrical control part, its composition and structure is compact, lightweight and practical.
2. Students can independently design and connect  pneumatic circuit and electric control circuit, and can do most basic pneumatic experiments. It is suitable for vocational colleges and universities for basic pneumatic transmission technology practice teaching.

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