The 5/2-way pneumatic valve has five connection ports and two states. It has one pressure port (P,1), two ports (A,2) and (B,4) that connect to the device that needs to be controlled, and two exhaust ports (EA,3) and (EB,5). The two states of the valve are:

  • Pressure port (P,1) connects to port (A,2), while port (B,4) vents through exhaust port (EB,5)

  • Pressure port (P,1) connects to port (B,4), while port (A,2) vents through port (EA,3).

2/2 way solenoid valves

Directional control valves: 2/2-way valve (2 connections, 2 switching positions for 2 flow directions), actuation by pressing, spring return, normally closed

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